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Businesses Benefit With Banners

Businesses Benefit With Banners

The last time you drove down the road or walked through a shopping complex, what caught your eye? Odds are high, it was a banner enticing you to stop and explore further. Your customers should use banners to get high visual impact in a cost-effective package. Many types and sizes of banners allow their application and use to fit many environments. Large outdoor banners alert passersby of special events, business hours, grand openings, limited-time promotions, and new products or services. Smaller indoor signs open possibilities to highlight specific products, promotions, and company informationor help customers navigate the venue. Knowing what type of banner is needed starts with asking your customer a few questions.


Creating Impactful Banners

The first step in helping your customers select the perfect banner is understanding the content and messaging. Will the banner be used to introduce a new product or announce a grand opening — maybe it will promote a political candidate or event? Product introduction banners typically require more text and tend to be displayed indoors, but if your client is introducing new farm equipment, sports accessories, or building supplies, the banner may require bolder and larger graphics and text. 


Understanding the ‘When’ and ‘Where’

The second consideration is understanding where and in what context the banner will be used. Consider how the banner will be used and the lines of sight for the best impact. An outdoor banner will need much bolder and larger graphics and text than one used inside. Installation will vary in time and cost depending on indoor or outdoor requirements. Banners can be placed on stands, hung using grommets or d-rings, draped using poles, or attached with adhesives or other fasteners. Also, factor in shipping if the banner is part of events or used in several locations.